Sunday, 25 May 2008

Domestic crime...the rising epidemic.

So frens, am back and now in Kolkata for work.Enjoying the solitude here...thats the way I console myself for staying alone. I have started loving work on weekends coz the only other option left is to talk to the guest house walls and browse through all the TV channels which seem to show the same thing each day.

And since I have ample time left for myself after work... I read everything that comes handy.

Of late there are some gruesome news taking the highlights in every media. And you see the oldies skipping all their favorite soaps just to know the happenings and status of the investigations going around these crimes.

Statistics shows that a crime against women is committed every three minutes in India.

The news that kept disturbing many for the past few days is that of a 14 year old girl Aarushi who was brutally murdered at home by her own father. Speculations about the reasons for the same are many. All the TV channels, News papers, even the Orkut community is flooding with ugly criticisms against the malignant parent child relationship that took its way to such a shocking crime. Despite the govt bringing so many laws to protect the female community in India, crimes continue to happen lest can the officials peep into each house and ensure that there are no psychopaths living there.

And India is not the only country affected. There was another incident which was even more unacceptable which happened in Austria... A father confesses to holding his daughter captive for 24 years and parenting 7 children from her !!!

Its no longer just female foeticide or dowry deaths that kills females... Where can a girl take refuge when her home itself becomes a threat for her???