Friday, 8 January 2010

FWD : Avatar compared with Vietnam Colony

Outstanding observation.... I got this as an email FWD and thought of sharing it ....

What is the Talk of Town now? Whats the whole world is talking about? Be
it Media, Newspapers, Tv, InfyBlogs, BB, your friends circle, everybody
is talking about one and only one thing. - A V A T A R

I had been to bangalore for the weekend and saw this Ever hyped picture.
Avatar is named as the "Movie of the millennium" and the top ranker in
imdb list. Even the critics are all praise to this movie. Each one is
praising cameroon to the sky. But would you kill me if i say AVATAR is
the hollywood version of an old Malayalam Movie?

Yes. Avatar is the hollywood version of an old malayalam movie. A
Mohanlal starrer, Siddique-Lal directed, movie called VIETNAM COLONY!!!

Now wipe out the "What the Fa" expression from your face and lend me
your ears.

After 15 minutes into the movie i relaized that, AVATAR is VIETNAM

To start of with, let me give you and Intro about Vietnam Colony, if you
have no clue about it. This is an old malayalam movie which was released
when i was a kid. The story line is based on a colony named as Vietnam
Colony, where only gundas, goons, and below poverty line people lives.
This colony is situated in the centre of the place and a construction
company owns this colony. But the residents are not willing to vacate
the place as they dont have any other place to go. Then the company
makes a smart move by sending one person (Mohan Lal) to the colony, to
be one among them and to tactfully vacate the people. But knowing the
reality and by empathizing on the poor residents over there, the Man who
was sent by the company, stands for the colony people and fight back
against the company.

Striking something? Not Yet? Now replace the Vietnam Colony and the poor
residents as the people in Pandoras World. Replace the construction
company folks as those scientists. Replace Mohanlal as the Hero of
Avatar. Now you got it.

In Avatar, the hero (sorry , i dono his name) goes to Pandoras world
standing for the scientists and be one among the residents. Later on he
realizes the value of their existence and fight back against the ones
who had sent him. There are plenty of scenes matching with Vietnam

In the begininng, grace would tell the hero that she was looking for his
brother and have no confidence that he would finish the mission.
Similarly, in VC, Construction Company first doubts about the talent of
Lal and worry if he could evacuate the gunds and other localites from
their place.

In VC, When Mohanlal Reaches the colony, at first, he would have an
argument with the Auto Rikshaw guy regarding the fare. The Auto guy
tries to indulge in a fist fight with Lal. Then the Main Rowdy of
Colony, Rauthar, comes and stand behind Lal. Seeing him, the Auto guy
would flee and Lal thinks that the Auto guy got scared of him only and
when he turns back, he would see the gunda standing behind him.
Similarly in Avatar, when they are in the pandoras world for the first
time, an Elephant kinda creature tries to attack the hero and flee by
seeing a much bigger animal behind him. Hero thinks the elephant got
scared by him and when he turns back he see a much more bigger creature.

In VC, the person who had been sent by the company falls in love with a
girl of the colony. Similarly in Avatar, he fall for a girl from the
pandoras world. At one point of time, the slum people realize that he is
a person from the construction company and attacks Lal. Then the girl
comes for his help. Similarly in Avatar, tsu tey tries to kill the hero
and its the girl who saves the hero.

In VC, during the climax, Lal gets back to the company and tell that he
is no more working for them and then the company people comes to the
colony. At the climax, Lal is fighting against them along with the other
Colony people.In Avatar, along with the hero, whole community is
fighting against the villains.

There are much more scenes which Resembles the old Malayalam movie. I am
not saying Avatar is a remake of Vietnam Colony, but i am saying Avatar
is the Hollywood version of VC. Cameroon has added lots of stuff to the
western audience as well as to other viewers that you almost forget this
point. Now that is an Interntational Talent which makes you forget about
the original Plot. If Cameroon again take AVATAR after 10 years, i am
sure he would add in essentials so that no one would notice that its
still Avatar.

There are lot of wonderful scenes in AVATAR and Graphics is at its best.
Those wild creatures and the flying dragons were too good. I would want
to get rid of my RTR now and need a personalized vehicle like the one
Hero captures during the end.

While coming out of the multiplex, the first thing that came to my mind
is that instead of spending 500Rs at PVR Cinemas, i could have easily
taken the dvd of Vitenam colony for 15 Rs and could have enjoyed it once
again. This is James Cameroon's most hyped movie and the film after 11
Oscar Award winner TITANIC. It tooks 11 years for cameroon to make this
movie, a reality and now i wonder if Cameroon was watching the DVD of
Vietnam Colony throughout these 11 years :-)

Who would have had a hearty laugh watching these? None other than
Mohanlal and Siddique-Lal. Or would siddique-lal have felt bad after
seeing that their plot has gone international and have renowned
Worldwide fame? It pains you know. Even a chotta psychic blogger like me
felt bad when i got the articles which i have wrote in Infyblogs as a
forward to me. (Now stop laughing loud and making fun of me. It has

Well, If you havent watched Vietnam Colony, then you are Lucky. Avatar
is a new Experience to you.
If you have watched Vietnam Colony already, and dint even recognize this
until i wrote here, then praise the perfection and technicalities.
If you have watched Vietnam Colony and Already found out this similarity
in the theatre itseld, congrats for your out of box thinking.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year Dhamaka 2010

To begin with, I wish all my readers a very happy and pleasantly happening New Year. The start was great for me. On 31st night I ate till I felt that my stomach will burst if I try to stuff in more. And the last weekend, I saw two incredible movies one after the other – Avatar and 3 idiots.

Of course Avatar is a super duper hit; but I didn’t know anything about the movie before watching it, except the name, the blue- black posters, and the director’s name of course. In fact I never bothered to check on that since I was not all the way excited about animated and unrealistic movies. But this is not like that, it has that girly touch to it and the movie gives due importance to emotion. Believe me or not – this was the first time I was watching a 3D movie. I was excited when I got the big 3D spectacles and double checked it with Ettan’s before choosing the best one. The actors were not popular ones (Point to be noted: I cannot identify more than a handful number of actors when it comes to English movies). But that really didn’t matter since I loved the Navis (The animated characters) better. I should admit that I was watching the movie for its colour and charm and didn’t pay attention to the technical details. It was a fairy tale for me. I did jump out of my seat a couple of times and leaned over sometimes to touch the flowers of the Eywa (the sacred goddess of Pandora). The dialogues are written beautifully – simple and just perfect to strike the chord especially when it comes to humor. The location is too good. I would love to go there once the way they flew over on those huge bat kinda creatures. The climax (The final shot I mean) is just awesome.

I was still roaming around in the fancy land when we started to watch 3 idiots the next day. I should say, it’s a must watch kewl movie. The movie is all about fun, fun and fun. It’s like a nonstop entertainer from the beginning to the end. Hats off to the crew – the movie rocks! Much much better than the book which the author claims that the movie is based on. In fact there is nothing to compare since they are way too different. Except for the basic plot – the campus, 3 crazy guys, a padakoo professor and his beautiful daughter, and some stray scenes here and there, there is nothing common between the book and the movie. There is no need for such hype about giving credit, copyright or whatever to the author. Every youngster will be able to relate to the movie at some point or the other. It’s another Aamir film as such since he rules the movie end to end. Sharman supports him and as expected he just lives the role – a character made for him. There was nothing outstanding in Maddy’s cast but he did carry around with ease. The all popular jokes like ‘Induction motor starting like vroom vroom vroooooom’ is being used but it really didn’t look outdated – all credits to Sharman Joshi!
After watching these two movies, I felt this weekend to be just perfect to start the year.
Since this is my first post for the year, I’m here to recollect the happenings of last year. I had always wanted to write diaries but I never had the guts to expose all my thoughts in a book, which might come handy to anyone at home ;) Why knowingly put yourself in deep trouble? But I used to write for every New Year. This year, being the last spinster year, I have mixed feelings. I’m excited about marriage, but although I don’t believe rather don’t want to believe that I would be restricted after that… No, that won’t happen. People say that these kind of scary thoughts are common for girls but generally don’t come if the girl has been staying out of home for a long time and it’s even rarer if she already knows the guy. Now if you say 4 years is long, then I’m away from home for quite a long time but I’m still homesick and these days it’s crazy. I’m visiting home every alternate weekend making any good convincible reason. Making people at home aware of this would be the last thing I wanna do now. I was prepared for getting married from a very long time but when it’s nearing, I kind of feel scared. I find myself uttering the aamir slogan – “all izz well” these days.

Last year was kind of dragging for me. Everything was as usual. But yes, we went for outings – Wayanad and Coorg. Office was boring to the peak… thanks to recession. At home, it was fun after Vishu. Actually when I’m looking back, nothing is striking me. Altogether not so good but yet trouble free year. This year is crucial. My status gonna change from single to married. New home, new relations – I know everyone but still it feels strange. I may have to shift my work location … hmm its gonna be a hectic year … but looking forward for it … eagerly with my fingers crossed J