Monday, 24 November 2008


Ailments in whichever form is not very comfortable. One will thank god for good health only when inflicted by any disease. Dictionary puts disease as an abnormal medical condition.
Truly said ! It can be a sprain, headache, tooth pain, cold n cough, running nose or even GAS.

I have seen big uncles complain of Gastric disorders when they run their fingers over their huge round tummy. Also after a heavy and sumptuous meal when they take the luxury to release those trapped bubbles with a deep sigh !!!

A day full of oil and potatoes and I find myself in great discomfort. For those who have not experienced it, let me say - Its exactly not as simple as they say.
Its like some ball is trapped in your throat.Like you feel heavily dehydrated but just wont be able quench your thirst even after gulping bottles over bottles of water. You feel like puking to get rid of everything but nothing comes out.

I struggled with it for one whole night and finally in the morning I decided to pay a visit to our medical center in the campus.

So next time you eat more of potatoes, just think of all theeeeeeeeeeeeese