Thursday, 9 April 2009

The elephant funda...

I was just going through a video which Sreeja forwarded me early in the morning. It’s about an elephant running to a jeep to crash it down when the driver switches on the head lights bright enough to scare the poor animal!!!
Elephant stories are very interesting to read and I being from Kerala have a natural affection towards these gigantic species. Watching an elephant standing tall with its majestic posture adorned with all its jewels is something so royal that stays in your memories. A festival, what more to say, even a visit to Guruvayoor is not complete if you don’t spot an elephant nearby.
They are the heroes of all the festivals. They are kid's favorites. They will make your heads turn just by walking on the road.
Well, the reason why I started to write about elephants is that I remembered a similar incident which my dad’s friend - Yusuf Uncle mentioned once when he came to our house.
He was a Loco Pilot and was in duty once in the Coimbatore to Palakkad road. In this route is the dense forest of Walayar which is home for quite a number of wild elephants.
It was night time when the Goods train with 65 bogies was crossing Walayar. From a long distance Uncle could see our hero watching the bright lights of the engine. Either it was scared or it had enough courage to face the brightly lit enemy that it didn’t budge from the centre of the track. Uncle tried in vain all the possible methods to move the animal – he put the headlights into high beam and also started blowing the horn. He tried applying brakes but the air brake system in trains will take quite some time before it comes to a halt. Now it was too much for our hero to tolerate and it started attacking back. Nothing was in uncle's hands now and he had to witness the train pushing the elephant forward and it in turn relentlessly resisting it. After some while the train came to a halt and by this time our poor elephant had already developed some wounds in its legs.
He didn’t block the way for a long time and lifted himself and started moving on accepting the defeat as a hero. Uncle was left with a mixed emotion of terror and guilt.
I have heard from many other railway staff that it pains the most when you have to witness the train running down an animal than any humans for the animals like cattle who aimlessly wander through the railway tracks will be amused to see the lights being flashed on them and will keep looking at it with great excitement lest will they be aware of the impending danger. Humans on the other hand would be completely conscious and would have gathered enough mental vigor to end their life – the very act which demands no compassion.

Friday, 3 April 2009


The idle mind is a devils workshop and I guess mine has turned into one. life is monotonous to a good extend and there is nothing interesting happening in work. So I go the way life takes me without much plans for tomorrow.
The above 3 lines may sound like I am one depressed soul roaming in a big city like hundreds. I'am just bored, tired of doing the same things over and over again.

For people to be happy, there should be something to look forward to.Common set of ambitions that rule anyone starting a career will be to earn money, get a house, car, get married, have children and settle down. No disputes, I myself have all these.
But there are some short term things that really drives your day. Like going home after a long gap, your pals birthday, planning for a friends wedding,gifts, much awaited outing, meeting an old buddy...
Well as Rejin told me the other day, my blog sound like the silly fantasies of a stupid girl. I am with you Rejin. These are the traits mostly seen in girls. And according to me these are the things which keeps you going.
OK...coming back to what I was saying. April is a very active month in my calender.Lot of birthdays...which includes mine too.Now that explains why the people with same sunsign go together.

To start with my sis
She turns 20 this year.Its difficult to realise that she has crossed her teens.I can feel to a good extend the anxiety of a parental heart - its strange!!! Ji, I wish you all the good fortune and happiness for the years to come. The most importand era your life starts here - All the best Molu

To my dad
Acha, prayers for your good health and happiness. Will do my best to wipe out those worry lines from your forehead !

To Seeja,
May this be the last birthday away from Akkru. May there be more poovars in the coming year. May the weigh scale and hospital visits stay under control.

To Nami,
Wishing you good health And hoping to hear a gr8 news !!!

To Divya D
Celebrate the last birthday of its kind to the fullest.

To Rejin
Wish you great luck in shares and also in finding someone to manage that !!!

To Sooraj,
Knowing you, Iam waiting for that news to come in with a very short notice.

These were just a set of birthdays, there are more ...

To Lakshmi and Arun
As you start to celebrate a new life of togetherness, wishing you all the wonderful moments that you have dreamed of.May the long wait end with bright colours paving way to new dreams...

To Divya B,
Wish you a great marriage and a superb life to follow that.

To Uncle and Aunty,
As you complete 30 years of companionship, wishing your togetherness to last forever.May the years that follow fill your heart and home with the warmth and happiness that you have always wanted.

To Sivakumar uncle and Jeejaunty: May this year bring good health and well-being to all at home and give a hundred reasons to rejoice and celebrate. Happy Anniversary !!!

April is indeed an eventful month for me!!!