Tuesday, 17 March 2009

RC Tragedy!!

Of all the treatments that I have undergone, (to those who are not aware I have had a bulk of my share in the past few months) I find the oral ones the most deadly. The last time when I said goodbye to my dentist back in my hometown, I had made a silent resolution that I will take proper care of my teeth and gums just to avoid visiting a dentist again.

So when I sensed that a cavity is comfortably growing in the left rear end of my mouth, I got ultra-alert!!! I was left with no choice - Prevention is better than cure and that thought made me immediately book an appointment with the nearby doc. I just thought that there will be a little patching up required and everything will be fine on track.

The doctor made me feel easy and had a close look at the hole. He had a bad news. In fact the worst that I could think of at that time, the inevitable - yes, you have guessed it right! its RCT. My mind raced thru a sudden flashback and reminded me of all the menace.

He just told me "Am sorry for this, it will be a little painful" - God!! Those three injections in my gums nearly took my life. The war had begun...

The ordeal of keeping your mouth wide open in the most awkward position for hours at a stretch is really something dreadful. You will get to see all deadly tiny needles going in and out of your mouth. This is after the initial groundwork of drilling and grinding. They say that your teeth will go numb and you won’t feel the pain. But these things have more to do with your emotional side. In the end, what they do is to kill your tooth, rip the nerve off, fill the hole with a needle, patch the remaining area with some metal kinda thing and finally put a neat ceramic crown on top and while all this is happening, you stay there fully conscious and helpless.

So moral of the story - Take good care of your teeth or else you are sure to have some great fun - on the unpleasant side!