Wednesday, 3 June 2009

This is angry me writing this post ...

Ya I know, I know – this is not the place to write about official etiquette. But recently I’m getting so pissed when I come across some mails without a salutation.
When you send an official mail, be it an answer to a question or a simple comment, it should have a “Hi so-nd-so” inevitably in the beginning. At least that’s what I feel. Come on, putting someone’s name is not a time consuming activity!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Anzac Oatmeal Cookies

The ordeal of staying in office when there is no big work on your head in itself is really a tough job you see. And to escape the boredom, I have started eating ... really a lot. When the weighing machine showed a figure > 60, I easily blamed it on the machine. Come on ! that's really a scary number !

So with utmost dedication and vigour, I'm attending my aerobics classes regularly. But I just can't help munching. And yes, my aerobics tutor told me that it's always better to keep eating in small quantity frequently. Being a really good student, I'm following her advice strictly. And this long trial and error approach for the best snack led me to this superb thing - Anzac's Oatmeal Cookies.

When Sree told me that Asha's 1 year old kid Kunjan eats this (and only this) as his breakfast, lunch and dinner, I thought of giving it a try - just to check what's so special about it.
But should tell you - its simply too good. I never liked Oats but this one is too good. Try it with tea and you'll love it.