Friday, 25 September 2009

Win Win Time...

I’m not talking about any competition that I won. The good news is from my workplace. Wipro, TIS won two mega projects thereby adding the revenue to more than 200 million dollars in one go; Great indeed. But the fact that I’m surprised is that we managed to get a treat for that. It was a good change. I got to see the veterans speak, those people whom I had just heard of. I realized that these big shots just deserve to be there. A few have their own unique style, a positive energy in what that speak and do. It’s not in the attire, not in the catchy words they spoke. They spoke plain English in the simplest way one can expect, without blabbering or stammering, complete and to the point.
I felt good that I belong to an organization that is not that scarce of leaders who inspire people just by their presence.
It’s very well said that the success of a person’s career largely depends on the manager under whom he works.