Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Whats in a name!

the answer is .. a LOT!

When I call the GP, they ask for my DOB instead of my name, My colleagues rely on self-complete options of mail and chat applications to connect to me, When I'm asked for my surname on phone, I'll start spelling it without them prompting, If I have to fill up any documents with my husband, I have to go around convincing people that he is indeed my husband even though our surnames are different because I chose to keep it that way... The list goes on. But this post is not about how Indian names are handled in the western world. In fact this is about how important your full name is!

I had to write one test the other day for our VISA extension and my DH completely ignored my middle name while registering. So on the day of the test, I woke up at 5 to revise everything I managed to gulp in the previous day, arranged food for DD for the whole day, reached the center on time after 90 mins commute only to be sent back home because I had my middle name missing when I registered. All my efforts to convince them with originals were in vain. That's a good 5 hours and £70 washed away in the waters !

Lesson learnt: Always spell check your name, Husbands are not smart enough to remember your full names all the time!