Monday, 2 February 2009

Two mistakes in a week!

Firstly a big sorry to Mr. Bhagat for stealing his bestseller‘s title. As the header explains I found myself falling prey to silly stupid things, twice in a row.
As any Software Engineer, I didn’t have many plans for the weekend except to hang out with friends, wash tones of clothes, have good food and finally sleep all day. But this list was all that was needed to carry away my long awaited 48 hours of bliss.
I was pondering over the things to be done when I got a call from a friend of mine. In fact she was not just a friend, but the principal of a reputed school to whom I am obliged to in certain way. She called me to attend a business talk @ her school and wanted me to take my friends also. I thought and thought and felt like OK let me give this a chance. God knows… this might change my line of work as she claimed!!
I succeeded in convincing a friend of mine and both of us managed to get to the venue on time. But then we found only a handful people there. After waiting for almost an hour, the session started. The person who did the presentation looked somewhat odd. He looked awkward in his loosely stitched suit and came with a bundle of books on management. Since we didn’t have a hint of what he is gonna speak about, we patiently sat down to listen, constantly monitoring our wrist watches. He talked and talked and talked about various growth prospects in business and tempted, rather tried to lure the gathering to acquire lump sum through “Smart business strategies”. Needless to say, he had enough case studies and examples. After another one hour of beating round the bush, he came to the point. He was to talk about Chain marketing and guess what - it was about AMWAY. God! All that we could think of that time was a reason to get out!!!. To add to the comedy the guy started playing with numbers and started saying absurd facts. Thanks to my friend and thanks to her short temper I didn’t have to do anything. She just walked out of the hall. Now what do I do? Hiding all inhibitions I stood up, passed a stupid comment to my dear Principal and followed my friend. The rest of our day was spent brooding over our stupidity.
Just after 2 days, I got another phone call. Why is that all stupid things start with phone? This time it was different. The person on the other end was very excited and for me the call also was exciting initially. She said that I have been selected on a lucky draw and that I have won many prizes – one holiday with family in Singapore, one Kitchen ware worth 4000, two days stay in their 5 star resorts and so on. I never knew I was this lucky and then we talked for another half an hour regarding her club and various tempting offers. I came jumping to my ODC and told them the exciting news. Was I funny?? I didn’t know… I got confused coz all them were laughing their hearts out. It had only to do with the name – Country Club. Well I realized that it was not just me. In fact I was the last among the crowd to receive such a call! This was another way to tempt people to take membership which almost will cost the entire offer!