Monday, 6 July 2009

Thank God - It's Monday!

For the first time in the past three years I waited impatiently for a Monday. No, no, it’s not the salary day. It just happened that I was jailed in my tiny hostel room for a complete weekend. I had rented out my IPOD to its actual owner, My Lappy charger blew off and I can’t switch it on now, there is no TV in my room, and the book I was reading was one of its kind. I would be the first to pass such a nasty comment for the winner of the Booker of booker but really Saleem bhai, you forced it out of me. I don’t think that the author could have stretched the book to one more page. You can safely skip a chapter or two and you won’t notice the break in the storyline at all. If you say that is the beauty of the book, well maybe I should look down and search for my kind of books – Big font, fast moving, easy writing and present age ones. Ok I’m not here to write a book review. I just wanna pen down my feelings on a Happy Monday – Yes Monday’s can be good!

Saturday morning I got up with a blocked nose. One need not switch on the TV or turn the newspaper pages these days to know the variations in Bangalore climate. So I took two DVD’s from the video library and started one after the other. Alas, it was only past 12 and I had no clue on what to be done for the rest of the day. I called up my dentist for a date. My earlier post would have given a hint as to how much I look forward for a visit to a dental clinic L. Well, that was in any way better than slogging in my room. After that I walked all around koramangala, did some shopping, and came back by 6. I got tired of walking and took my sleeping pill – Yes, the book. The next day I went out for breakfast, came back, saw another movie – Videsh, Heaven on Earth. That was enough to spoil the day and to compensate for that I watched another movie (after having lunch also from out) - Calcutta news -must say – I liked it! Evening, I took a long stroll and again ate local snacks from all the street vendors.

Finally after all the adventure and out of experience, I’m with a list of things which you can do on an ideal weekend.

1. Try out all the forgotten yoga postures one after the other taking breaks in between
2. Think of all occasions in the near future and splurge money on gifts
3. Discover all the eating outlets in your neighborhood and in each of that, the best item.
4. Did you think that pedicure is boring – Try it out patiently, believe me you’ll enjoy it
5. Who said you can take bath only once in a day? Try twice – it’s refreshing you know!
6. Play scrabble alone, win-win situation!
7. Clean up your room.

I’ll keep adding to this….