Saturday, 6 March 2010

On a serious note :)

Long time no see.... I know it has been really a big gap and the biggest thing that I regret about is that I broke the resolution of mine to keep posting something in my blog at least once in a month.. now thats bad ... chalo better late than never. I'll update two posts this month and that'll do the compensation :)

It has been a happening 'era' for me and I feel a 'little' grown up. I have heard that marriage brings with it so many responsibilities, but for me it meant a lot more recognition - a new identity.

This is my first post as Mrs. Jayakumar and yes, people give me some respect, I'm married now...

I'm loving my work now. It's really good to work with people who know what they are doing and are logical enough to justify why they are doing that. There are a few freshers in the team and one can feel the difference when we are with them in their energy and enthusiasm.
They are not very keen to check their mails every 10 minutes and don't have an alarm set for 'tea time'. They are proud to display their ID cards and payrolls. There is no cribbing about appraisals and no one bothers about maintaining the hours in office. They are eager to meet their pals and weekends mean more than long hours of sleep. No manager is bad and no question is silly. They are here because they deserve to be here and I just hope that they are given enough chances to prove their mettle, at least to start off in a way they like.

I got a new friend, a Sports Instructor, although with her tiny frame no one would guess it. She came to me to help her create a resume. I got interested as I was filling it up. She was doing the job because that was the thing that she was interested in. She knows what she wants and she can tell you with confidence where she will find herself after 5 years. She understands her weaknesses and is sensible enough to refrain from doing something just because she has to do it.

Okie, enough of my philosophy. Coming to some of the things that I did lately, I read KamalaDas's 'My Story'. It was a book that I wanted to read for a long time just because of the controversy surrounding it but the book didn't come to my expectations maybe because I read the English translation, I couldn't feel the real beauty in her language but I liked her poems. I somehow felt that the story is made up... a little too much of added masala than what an autobiography should contain. Although the plot was OK, I felt that there is no story as such in 'her story'. Her thoughts as I could sense from the book were the same in her 40's as it was in her teens. May be she never grew up. I felt the dissatisfied tone in everything she did apart from writing.

I heard from a friend that her son, M.D Nalapat writes nice political reviews ... however I haven't come across his articles yet.

That's it for now but watch out, I got unlimited internet access at home and all the time in the world to keep jotting something... See you later!


COMMUNI said...

Welcome Mrs. Jayakumar!!

Chechi there's a small joke dedicated to you on my blog...hope you like it...

And in any case you're running out of topics, I am all set to tag you.

sreeja said...

thks babe!
A lot of news...which u never wrote me in mails..;)
guess u should never stop blogging...

Someone Is Special said...

Your way is narration is awesome, you have got a good talent :-), so explore it, so that you will become a awesome writer :-)

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Aamir said...

Mrs. Raji Jayakumar garu... :)
I'm proud enough being part of your team...
Don't know what to say exactly, bcoz Im new to these things.. But, still
Alwaz Be The Best U Can :)

r@j! said...

Thanks a lot for all your replies.

Communi: I read your post. That's a public joke now, Everyone keep saying that

Saravana: Thats a big compliment for me.

Aamir: Am I not the best?

Sree: I usually start blogging when I'm left alone. Do you want me to stay alone??? :(

COMMUNI said...

chechi, you've been tagged. visit my page.

Nitty said...

If you like the work you are assigned , If you study something by yourown interest, then You perform better...

So find out what you like the most to learn... I am in search of that :)