Friday, 30 July 2010

The White Tiger - review

A very frank and plain representation of the present state of India seen from varied angles. The narrator is a common man who is proud of what he has 'achieved' over the years despite being born in a poorest of poor families. Very fast moving book written in simple English. There are many instances where the author has portrayed things very innocently, mostly by ignorance. The comparisons and perceptions are written in a fresh new style. On a whole, a good to read book - which you can carry for a one day trip :)
And thanks to the book, I didn't know what's so unique about a white tiger....

PS: I'm aware of the fact that I didn't start my post with a preface explaining my hibernation. That was intentional coz i have no excuse ... I was just lazy!!!


Sreeja said...

You gave me the book, I thought you had gone through it earlier..:)
I read this book when I was in a shift job..Daily taking cabs of various kinds…the book was live in me, whenever I travelled back n forth from office, long after I finished reading it…

So strong a book, though simple in writing style, kept echoing inside whenever you see plots or scenes you have imagined while reading the book.

I must admit..there was a sense of suffocation reading the book but I could just not keep it aside.
Raju..with you in the review..

Dosti SMS said...

truly a masterpiece by aravind adiga. i am looking forward to him. a bright talent to watch, this book is not for so called love story or fantasy loving people. this is a serious book on the struggle of a village boy. a picture of true india. a different writing style, new approach and great narration making it the best novel of past decade. no wonder it's a booker. thank god i read it.