Saturday, 28 August 2010

Go green :)

Certain revelations sets in you a little late .. sometimes you discover it when someone else tells you. Something like that was imposed on me lately when Jay discovered that green is my favourite colour. His justification to the observation is that knowingly/unknowingly I pick green in things I wear, homewares that I purchase, bed covers, choice of paint and even my blog template. I thought over and found it quite right, so from then green is my favourite colour, purple is picking up fast although. Recently I purchased a room curtain for my drawing room and I chose purple from all the colours there, and even my new blackberry is purple :)

Knowing my fancy over favourite colurs, Jay gifted me 2 T shirts for this onam - One green and the other purple :)) Well, I thought of writing this post after another realisation. Recently I find myself eating lot of Kiwi and you know why, it looks brilliant with those fine black seeds in the green background... the loveliest fruit according to me ... and of course, it tastes good :))

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Prashanth said...

Keep it up.. Greeny!! :o)